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Programs Offered

There are many areas which the students can get involved in dance at our studio as they progress and grow.

Dance Electric Performing and Competition Troupe is for students third grade and older. Students must have tap, ballet and jazz classes. Students audition for this in May after being enrolled for at least the previous year.


Professionally Trained Students (PTS) is for students wanting to pursue a career in a dance/performance related field.  Students begin this training when they are fourteen years old and follow a program geared specifically  for them and what they want to pursue.

Teacher's Training Program is for students seventh grade and older. Students spend two to three years demonstrating in the classroom and progress to assistant teaching. Once they pass their certification test, they may lead their own class of students. This is also used as a reinforcement of the dance training they received in their early years of dance.


Auditioner's Prep Class is for the student interested in learning vocal, acting and movement techniques for auditioning for musicals, dance/acting roles. This is a workshop that meets periodically.

Dance/Drill Team Prep Class is for the student that wants to prepare for their high school/college team tryouts. This is a workshop that meets periodically.

What to Wear

Each age level wears a 'class leotard' and tights to class each week. Each age group has their own particular color and style. These are the same leotards used for Winter Shows and other casual shows. These leotards are ordered through the studio and you will receive that information when you receive your confirmation of enrollment. Students will also need the proper shoes pertaining to the class they are taking. This information is also given in our confirmation packet which is mailed to you after receiving enrollment.

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